A permanent ping-pong table at Riverside Park is now ready for public use

The free table was set up thanks to a partnership between the City of Kamloops and the Rotary Club of Kamloops Daybreak. More tables will be erected in the future

Calling all table tennis / ping pong players with their own paddles – there is now a spot for you at Riverside Park.

A new permanent table tennis setup officially opened to the public this week, thanks to a partnership between the City of Kamloops and the Rotary Club of Kamloops Daybreak.

The club recently bought two concrete tables with metal nets, which the municipality is in the process of installing.

The Riverside Park table is now ready to receive competitors equipped with their own balls and paddles while another table will be erected on the McArthur Island table next spring, near where the outdoor exercise equipment is located. , on the east side of the park.

The Riverside table is conveniently located next to the tennis and pickleball courts.

Bryce Herman of Rotary Daybreak told KTW the city was unable to pour the concrete slab in time for the North Kamloops table to open before winter.

He said ping pong tables were chosen because it is a game that virtually anyone can play as long as they have a racket and a ball.

“It’s something, in our minds, that is not an elite sport,” Herman said. “Anyone can do this. It doesn’t matter who you are.

Former Rotary President Tony Gilbert told KTW he got the idea for the tables when he noticed there were plenty of them set up in the Toronto area.

“I just thought that would be pretty cool. We do so much in the community, from donations to food drives, I just thought something more tangible made sense, ”said Gilbert, noting that he had a game against his daughter scheduled for Friday afternoon. (October 1st).

He said the Rotary Club intends to set up more tables in Kamloops in the future.

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