After Nintendo Switch Sports, Nintendo Should Revisit Other Mii-Centric Games

Nintendo Switch Sports break up with her Sports Wii ancestor in several important ways. It lets players customize their characters in a litany of ways unheard of, and it also features multiple sports that Sports Wii never incorporated before. However, Nintendo Switch Sports also includes a feature that seemed to be discontinued: Miis. The game prefers a new avatar style called Sportsmates, but nonetheless, Nintendo Switch Sports seems to have full Mii support. Fans can even dress up their Miis in collectible clothing, just like they can with their fellow athletes. It’s great to see Nintendo continue to use their classic avatars from the Wii era.

Miis may be simple when it comes to player-created avatars, but their art style has a certain charm that few other console avatar systems can copy. Nintendo seems to have rekindled the love for the Miis, as it hasn’t let them down yet, even though the Wii they originated from has been replaced by several other consoles. If Nintendo decided to continue using Miis, thanks to their charisma and nostalgia, it should also give old Mii game concepts another chance. Nintendo Switch Sports may have opened the door to other Wii classics.

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Mii titles to review

Perhaps the strongest candidate for a Mii game revival is wii party, the mario party-esque Mii released for Wii in 2010. In its time, wii party received several positive reviews for its simplicity compared to mario party, as well as its solid list of mini-games. The original game was successful enough to earn a sequel on the Wii U, but it has yet to make the jump to Switch. Although the Switch already has some solid mario party his own titles, a Switch version of wii party could be a hit if it comes out in a few years, giving Mario Party Superstars time to relax. The flexibility of wii party unlocks many potential game board themes and unique mini-games.

play wii also deserves another pass as Mii-heavy Switch titles. the original play wii was a simple collection of mini-games, including billiards, table tennis and a miniature tank game, and although reviewers weren’t impressed, play wii became one of the best-selling games on Wii. Nintendo could have another bestseller on its hands if it updates and expands on the original play wii concept. It could be inspired by the extremely popular Clubhouse Games: 51 global classics, borrowing many of its board games, mixing in a variety of new themed games after interacting with Miis, and offering powerful multiplayer.

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A new era of Mii games on Switch

Yoshiaki Koizumi and Shinya Takahashi's Miis Playing Volleyball Against NPCs in Nintendo Switch Sports

Giving Miis a major presence on the Switch might seem odd with the retired Wii, but Nintendo has already done a lot to revive Miis on its current console. Not only Nintendo Switch Sports Miis functionality, but the Switch version of mitopia was an even bigger commercial success than the original 3DS game. Many other games like Super Mario Maker 2 still making room for the Miis too. Make spiritual successors to games like play wii and wii party would only expand the Mii presence that Nintendo has already established on the Switch.

Nintendo says it will continue to work with the Switch for a few years, which means Miis will have time to get more of their own games in the future. Of course, it would not be surprising if a theory wii party or play wii successor takes notes of Nintendo Switch Sports by offering its own avatar system, but even if it does, it should make Miis available as Nintendo Switch Sports possesses. Nostalgia for the golden age of the Wii is a powerful thing, and there are few ways today to harness that nostalgia other than to give the Miis the limelight. Nintendo would be well advised to reinvent its main Wii titles using its avatars.

Nintendo Switch Sports releases April 29, 2022 on Nintendo Switch.

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