AIA SG wins hearts with public relations campaign on embracing a new normal

With most countries around the world having issued a lockdown order, brands have had to find new ways to reach and continue to engage their home customers by going digital. With DSTNCT and its partner Ogilvy for over a decade, insurer AIA Singapore has not only uploaded their regular football matches and wellness events, but also touched the hearts of judges at the recent MARKies Awards. , who saw him win a gold medal for Most Effective Influencer Use / KOL. Here’s how AIA created a successful campaign that turned heads.


According to the AIA, the daily routines, lifestyles and drinking habits of Singaporeans and the world have been altered and affected due to the pandemic. This “new normal” – the term for radical changes to the status quo – has become something to fear as anxiety about the financial future and job security increased due to the economic downturn, said the ‘AIA.

In light of this, AIA felt there was a need to reinvent other ways to deliver on its brand promise, enabling healthier, longer and better lives for Singaporeans through its network of ambassadors. The insurer decided he had to find a creative solution to do so amid increased social distancing rules and restrictions, which prevented community activities as his regular football engagements and wellness events had to be put on hold.


The brand said it cares for the holistic well-being of its consumers and needs to go beyond the peace of mind of its customers. AIA added that it must continue to put its customers first and offer authentic, integrated support that will help its users through this transition. This would help the brand continue to deliver on its promises despite the pandemic, according to the AIA.

Thus, AIA has adapted its strategy to the environment and ensured compliance with its commitment. The brand tapped into its existing channels, imagined relevant content across multiple platforms, and explored the myriad ways it could deliver on its promise.

According to the brand, she needed to leverage her family of Ambassadors and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to crystallize her role in the minds of customers and energize the AIA community, engage them in fun ways and connect closely with them so as to resonate even in virtual spaces.

So the insurance company landed on its #EmbracingNewNorms campaign, an integrated campaign that aimed to educate, raise and empower Singaporeans to live their best and healthiest lives now and for the long term. This has been reinforced by its international ambassadors. AIA said the campaign aimed to empower its brand by meeting and anticipating the changing needs of its stakeholders, namely being able to adapt and adopt new standards more easily, staying productive by reaching new goals and learning about new growth opportunities.

The company added that to drive real results, it needs to drive adoption of new standards across its ecosystem. This has been done by ensuring that its brand campaign initiatives, activities and content are effectively amplified by its global and local influencers. By creating a united community behind an authentic and holistic message that resonates deeply with its stakeholders, AIA said it keeps AIA in mind as an industry leader who has supported customers throughout it all.


AIA has launched a one-year PR-led campaign to help Singaporeans understand and embrace the New Normal every step of the way. The insurer mobilized its local and global ambassadors to highlight key activities that rekindled interest in the brand and assured Singaporeans they were in good company during tough times. He used his KOL community to build a strong support network to embrace new standards across media and social media platforms. The brand also said it is leveraging its PR capabilities to reach audiences from afar to increase the feeling of an international community.

As part of the #EmbracingNewNorms Challenge, AIA engaged its audience through a social media contest to share the most creative ways to stay active using regular household supplies while on the breaker.

One of its global ambassadors, David Beckham, tested a suggestion from the AIA audience and created an improvised table tennis game. According to AIA, this has sparked excitement around the other Ambassadors and their supporters who are taking up the challenge. The challenge was covered by The Straits Times.

The brand also hosted a regional online health and wellness event, AIA Live, covering 15 markets in August 2020. The company said this included around 30 unique health and wellness sessions led by its KOL, and was designed to appeal to all age groups. and multiple markets celebrating the region’s cultural diversity while bringing people together by living healthier in fun and engaging ways.

virtual aia markiesvirtual aia markies

Beckham opened and closed the event and was supported by around 20 other regional influencers and guests of honor. The event received positive coverage from major local and regional dailies, trade titles and consumer publications before, during and weeks after it was held online, according to the AIA.

The insurer also provided consumers with practical tips and tricks through a series of content that educated around 1.2 million subscribers on how to embrace the new standard. This was posted on AIA’s social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Linkedln.

The brand also said that in addition to COVID-19 updates, in-home webinars and useful information about its products and services, it has leveraged the influence and skills of its global ambassadors, such as Healthy, easy-to-follow recipes from School of Wok Chef founder Jeremy Pang. The AIA said this has proven to be particularly relevant to our customers amid COVID-19, as it conducted a study in mid-June 2020 that showed customers prioritized healthier choices .

virtual aia markies


The brand said it has seen an improvement in the lifestyles and mindsets of Singaporeans amid COVID-19. In a study by the AIA in mid-June, results showed that 93% prioritized staying healthy over other activities to get through the circuit breaker. The majority of respondents (75%) experienced improvement in at least one aspect of their well-being within eight weeks of starting the circuit breaker. Almost half reported better eating habits, experienced better physical health, experienced a more optimal sleep pattern, and 30% had better mental health.

AIA said she understands that in order to help Singaporeans fully adjust to the times, she must maintain a holistic approach to protect their well-being through their financial, physical and mental health – an approach championed by her campaign. integrated #EmbracingNewNorms.

The insurer added that providing its audiences with the support they need and strengthening its presence as a partner – not a payer – in life. The brand also added that it remains well positioned to continue enabling Singaporeans to live healthier, longer and better lives with the help of its strong network of ambassadors.

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