Alastair Stewart is fed up with broadcasters’ anti-Boris bias

The MCC – already under fire for scrapping historic Varsity and Eton vs Harrow matches – say no rules were broken and no one complained. Do they let anyone in these days?

Rayner’s tug of war

Deputy Labor leader Angela Rayner and Tory Foreign Secretary James Cleverly helped MPs defeat their peers in the Commons war against the Lords at Westminster Abbey College Garden this week.

Rayner – dressed in slacks – inspired MPs with the rallying cry: “We’re not here to compete, we’re here to win. It was the first time the event, which has raised thousands of pounds for Macmillan Cancer Support, has been held in three years due to the Covid pandemic.

“The Lords used to win years ago, but since the hereditary peers have lost their seat rights, we are doing much better,” said one MP. Hereditaries tend to be younger and fitter. Progress of sorts, I suppose.

Tony’s questionable file

The musical satire of Harry Hill Tony! The Tony Blair Rock Opera, which opened this week at the Park Theater in north London, looks fun.

Jez Bond, the park’s artistic director, says he wants Blair and other New Labor top brass like Alastair Campbell and Peter Mandelson to come. Comedian Alexei Sayle – who once said he hated Blair more than Margaret Thatcher – was spotted there on the first night.

Bond even called the lawyers to check the script for libel. How else to explain one of the best jokes about the infamous “dodgy record” that led to Britain’s involvement in the Iraq war?

“Nothing in the file was invented”, specifies the character of Blair. “Who told you to say that?” Robin Cook replies. “The theater legal team, says Blair. Boom boom!

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