Atanda Musa aims for a position in the national table tennis team | The Guardian Nigeria News

• Advises Oshonaike to quit youth sport
Former table tennis champion Atanda Musa has described the number of coaches assigned to manage emerging talent as insufficient, saying the country will not have any significant impact on the international stage with this number.

Musa said retired stars should be employed to help young players reach their full potential.

Speaking to The Guardian yesterday, Musa said his latest visit to the country gave him insight into the country’s abundant talent and the need to teach young athletes the right stage to succeed in sport.

“I have to be frank with you, I believe this country still has a lot of table tennis talent, which can be nurtured and nurtured to greatness. These youngsters just need to be trained properly to fulfill their potential.

“At the Asoju Oba Cup that I watched, I noticed athletes in the cadet and intermediate events, who are very good. I discovered, however, that there were no adequate coaches to help them learn from their mistakes and become better players, he said.

Musa, now based in the United States, said he was open to working with the national team, adding: “What I will do if that happens is to sign ex-internationals, who I know, will frame and guide these young people to become international stars.

“That’s exactly what the Egyptians did when they employed former stars to groom their young talents for stardom. It’s something we can replicate here if we want to reclaim our position in Africa.

The former Olympian has advised the country’s record holder for Games appearances, Olufunke Oshonaike, to quit the sport and help groom younger ones for stardom.

“My sincere opinion is that Funke should leave the scene now and allow the next ones to come forward.

“As at the time I retired from the sport despite being very active, I left the game to more than 20 athletes, who were playing at the same level as me. And the players continued the dominance sport where I left off. I had to give in so that young people could also be exposed to international events,” he said.

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