Athletes sent to China for training: official

Cambodia is set to send a total of 161 national athletes across 12 sports to train in China on a long-term basis to enhance their skills and abilities to better compete for medals at the 32nd SEA Games in 2023, which Cambodia will host. .

Vath Chamroeun, secretary general of the Cambodian SEA Games Organizing Committee (CAMSOC), said the sending of Cambodian athletes for large-scale training in China comes after an offer of help from the Chinese side and that the team will leave at the beginning of August. .

Chamroeun said the athletes will be training there until the start of the 2023 SEA Games in Cambodia, and it is an important opportunity for them to strengthen their techniques and abilities to compete for medals for the nation.

“The goal is for our athletes to gain experience and the right kind of training, which is solid, tough and technologically advanced. By sending our athletes to train in China, we hope they learn new skills” , he told the Post on July 18.

“Our athletes will have the opportunity to learn the best techniques from this mission, so they will succeed in the 2023 SEA Games. But success depends on the athletes themselves and their psychological alertness, the pain they can endure, the how they manage their emotions and their motivation in order to get the most out of the upcoming training in China,” he added.

Athletes from 12 sports will train in China early next month – 11 swimmers, 25 women footballers, 15 volleyball players, 15 men’s basketball players, 11 gymnasts, 12 badminton players, 15 wrestlers, 10 weightlifters, 10 wushu martial artists, 5 judokas , 10 table tennis players and 22 others for a total of 161 people.

At the same time, Cambodia also plans to send national team athletes in a number of other sports to train abroad: members of the judo and karate teams will be sent to train in Japan, the taekwondo team members will be trained in Korea and the pencak silat martial art competitors will be trained in Indonesia.

“When we send athletes to train abroad, we send them to countries that are strong in their sport. In fact, the 12 sports we sent to train in China were chosen because this country is strong in these sports. However, we will continue to monitor their performance after training in China and the number of medals they win for the nation,” Chamroeun said.

“[We] all prepared. . . to help our athletes get out and train and compete overseas as much as possible, and hopefully that will get good results and help us win medals,” he said.

The Gymnastics Federation of Cambodia, which set a new record by winning three silver medals and a bronze for the first time at the 31st SEA Games in Vietnam in May, said it believed that sending athletes training in China will improve their technique and help them. to compete for medals in 2023.

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