Best pool tables 2022: folding, luxurious and multifunctional

Other than the difference in size, pool and snooker tables look superficially similar, with six pockets, bounce cushions, and a “felt” or cloth covering the playing field. The games are entirely different in terms of play, however. , configuration, rules and how the fabric is marked. However, you can play a basic and fun pool game on a pool table if you purchase an additional set of pool balls.

What should I consider when buying a pool table?

Jamie Sanford, Managing Director of freedom gamesshares his expert advice on how to buy the best pool table for you

Check your room size. You need to make sure that you have enough space around the entire table to use a 57 inch cue from any direction without obstruction from furniture. This will dictate the size of table you can purchase and install in your home.

Choose your bed material. There are two main bed materials: wood and slate. Wooden overbed tables are at the end of the spectrum and are aimed at families and casual gamers who don’t need peak performance. Professional and serious players will need a slate bed, made from a real piece of rock slate, machined and honed to be perfectly flat. Slate overbed tables provide much better playing quality, but are more expensive and heavier.

Choose between American or British billiards. British billiards is the version you will probably have played in British pubs and bars on smaller 6ft or 7ft tables. It is a slower, more tactical game played on a wool-based cloth, requiring excellent skill to direct balls into the tightest pockets. American billiards is a faster game, played on larger tables from 7 feet to 9 feet. A nylon-based “speed cloth” on American pool tables accelerates ball speeds, with wider pockets and elastic rubber for impressive bounces.

Identify the colors of the balls. Snooker comes with a majority of red balls and then single balls of other colors placed around the playing field. British billiards is most often played with red and yellow balls (the color is assigned to a player after the pause). American billiards is played with polka dot and striped balls.

Think of a multipurpose table. Some pool tables offer versatile features. Pool dining tables have been a popular trend in recent years – these tables have shallow bodies, allowing people to sit around them in chairs, with plenty of legroom. When a set of tops is lifted onto the pool table, it transforms into a dining table for the whole family. There are also “multi-game” billiard tables aimed at families that can be transformed into tables for foosball, air hockey or ping-pong.

Get the right cue size for you and your table. Depending on your height, build, and skill level, you should ideally use a full-size 57-inch pool cue. Shorter or younger people may need to upgrade to a 52 inch or even 48 inch tail. Children might need to use a 36 inch tail. Cues and other accessories are almost always included with new tables, but you can buy extras in different sizes if needed.

How much maintenance does a pool table need? A slate bed table does not require much maintenance. Once installed and leveled, it can be practically left alone. The only really vulnerable part is the fabric, as spills, dust, sunlight and pets can damage it. Use a blanket or table top to protect it and brush it regularly.

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