‘Boris Johnson brazenly denies the truth and always puts himself first – he should resign’ – Voice of the Mirror

Boris Johnson is using the rape of women, the murder of children and other war crimes to justify why he did not leave No10 after becoming the first sitting tenant in history to be found guilty of breaching the law

Boris Johnson has been fined for breaking coronavirus laws

Dishonorable and lacking in integrity, Boris Johnson’s shameless refusal to do the right thing and stepping down is a national disgrace that can cost Tories dearly.

Impartial observers acknowledge the Prime Minister’s military support for Ukraine. Providing weapons to fight Putin’s troops is a good decision.

Yet it is also repellent that the same Prime Minister is using the rape of women, the murder of children and other war crimes to justify why he did not leave Number 10 after becoming the first sitting tenant of history to be found guilty of breaking the law.

Tory ministers and MPs are belittling themselves by using the war to defend the indefensible, arguing that Johnson should stay rather than go.

Labor leader Keir Starmer forcefully argued the prosecution case for Johnson to be sacked.

The jury finds him guilty – good and true British men and women want to see the back of this lying Prime Minister.

Brazenly denying the truth and putting himself first, second and third is the story of his life and career. This earned him the top job. This is also why it should no longer be tolerated.

Keir Starmer said the prime minister should step down


Daily Express)

No10 no help

Fatcat bosses have a vested interest in customers paying the inflated bills that fund the profits of the energy giants.

But the government’s failure to rein in the price spike, with more to come, is also a political crisis as well as a cost of living crisis.

Because up to four out of ten people plunging into energy poverty and debts jumping by 50% would be a disaster for families.

Households need a government on their side. But Boris Johnson and the Tories are reeling from his party and his breaking the law.

The cost of living crisis is why his political crisis and theirs could worsen this year.

Harry’s game

Showing off his table tennis skills, the Duke of Sussex was very playful at the Invictus Games.

Maybe friendly old Harry still exists – wouldn’t it be great if we could see more
from him…

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