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ANDREW LUE, president of the Jamaica Table Tennis Association (JTTA), said regional federations were pushing for a fairer share of the sport’s resources so they can develop players.

Lue, who attended the recently concluded world championships in Houston, Texas, said the region is trying to attract a major table tennis equipment maker to move to the Caribbean. in order to mitigate the costs which all federations face.

“This problem is a common problem in our area simply because we don’t have the equipment manufacturers near us. So one, the shipping costs are astronomical, especially with COVID, and that puts a strain on many regional bodies. And so one of the things we’re trying to do is see if we can get a big equipment manufacturer to set up somewhere in the area, ”said Lue, the former tennis gold medalist from table of the Carifta team.

“This plant would be able to support the Caribbean and the PanAm region without having to pay so much,” he added.

Lue also looked at the event from November 23-29 from an organizational perspective.

“One thing that really struck me was the organization behind all the marketing, the PR, just the sponsorship,” he observed. “It’s clear that once you’ve got the right sponsorship in place, you can do more. You can focus the players on the game and the tournament runs smoothly, like clockwork. So I think that’s the main thing we need to have, the resources to better manage our show, ”Lue detailed.

He praised Adriana Diaz of Puerto Rico, who is ranked number 16 in the world. After watching her reach the round of 16 in Houston, the JTTA president agreed she was an inspiration.

“Yes, but then it comes down to resources,” he said. “So this is something that we are discussing with the ITTF, is how we can get that level of support on a more consistent and broader scale so that the sport can develop in the region.”

With this in mind, he actively sought to strike deals with those who could help develop the sport in Jamaica.

Caribbean Regional Table Tennis Federation (CRTTF) President Teddy Matthews ran for ITTF vice-president without success. But Lue believes the new International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) leader Petra Sörling of Sweden will do a good job.

“She has a lot of support and she has a great team. The vice-presidents who were elected, good team. Unfortunately, our regional referent, whom we were trying to bring in, Teddy Matthews from the CRTTF, failed to get elected. But we have a good group of vice presidents, ”he said expectantly.

Sörling is the first woman to lead the ITTF.

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