Chinese netizens moved by friendship of Chinese athlete and Japanese table tennis star training in Chinese table tennis clubs

Liu Shiwen (left) and Ai Fukuhara in 2010 File photo: CFP

After Chinese table tennis player Liu Shiwen was forced out of the Tokyo Olympics due to injuries, Japanese table tennis star Ai Fukuhara, who has trained at clubs in China, has encouraged and sent her best wishes via music video, warming hearts. many Chinese Internet users.

Fukuhara also mentioned how Chinese table tennis teams have greatly contributed to the training of many foreign players for the world sporting event.

Liu announced on Sunday that she would no longer compete in the Olympics due to injuries. The statement aroused sympathy among Chinese netizens.

Fukuhara’s message of comfort was then posted on Chinese Twitter Sina Weibo on Monday.

In the video clip, the Japanese player said that she could not go and meet Liu due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, but once the pandemic is over, she intends to go and keep Liu company. .

“Let’s eat together and compare our sizes. I think I’m taller than you… Please work on improving your mood first, and keep moving. I will support you forever! said the athlete in Chinese.

The associated hashtag was viewed more than 320 million times on Monday on Sina Weibo. “How beautiful is their friendship! a large number of Chinese netizens commented.

Fukuhara has been friends with Liu since she trained at the Liaoning Chinese Table Tennis Club with Liu. She was then transferred to the Guangzhou club.

Some netizens expressed pride that many brilliant table tennis players around the world were cultivated by Chinese table tennis teams.

“It goes without saying that China has made great contributions to the world of table tennis in recent years. Chinese coaches have gone abroad to train many excellent players in other countries like Japan. In addition, some retired players from provincial teams in China have also participated in many exchange activities, “wrote a user on Sina Weibo in an article.

Chinese table tennis fans have also expressed concern for Liu’s health and expressed their hopes for his speedy recovery.

“I hope she can get back to her best condition as soon as possible. She has climbed to the top of the mountain and doesn’t need to be afraid because missing once doesn’t mean anything,” said Fang, a fan. by Liu, to the Global Times. Monday.

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