Colchester Town Centre: what you said about its future

Colchester Council and Essex County Council will now head to the drawing board to ensure the two authorities work hand in hand to deliver a new masterplan by the end of this year.

Among the proposals are a commitment to build a new ‘transport interchange centre’ which will radically overhaul the Osborne Street bus station in Colchester and a view to promoting the River Colne and Castle Park as tourist destinations.

But we wanted to know what you would like to see in the city center.

Here is what you said:

Fiona Elleker: “Make people visit better. Make parking free, help independent businesses open and encourage people to come to town and not go out to places like Tollgate.

“Expand on the nice story things we have and just stop building places out of town.”

james collitt: “Transform the old cinema into a multi-room indoor play center for children and teenagers. Billiards and snooker, table tennis, billiards, arcades, cinema, mini football, etc.

Jon Andrews: “Make the playground three times bigger. Add indoor play areas and adult entertainment – arcades, sports bars, mermaids, pool, games, climbing walls, etc.

Lance Harington“At a minimum, the city center should be pedestrianized. Some will oppose it to death, but as long as there is access to Dixons, traders will be happy.

Marianne Taylor: “To start, how about a free market pitch once a month for students, artists, artisans, the list is endless. Then reduce all commercial rates to reopen the stores.

Benjamin Aldridge Cowles“Colchester needs more jobs in the area. He welcomes all these students, but there are no opportunities in the area afterward, so they end up returning to their parents, losing highly skilled young adults.

Carroll Juice: “Stop trying to be a poor imitation of all the other cities – bring back some uniqueness, play on its history.

“Making Colchester a different place, a place people would be happy to visit and people who live in Colchester would be proud to talk about.”

Jo Brooks: “New bus station more accessible to visitors. More retail stores, better mall.

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