Delhi HC provisionally suspends Fed table tennis rule

New Delhi [India], Sep 23 (ANI): Delhi High Court on Thursday suspended new Indian Table Tennis Federation rules which required players to attend a national selection camp at international events, until the next date hearing, October 28. .

Hearing the plea of ​​table tennis player Manika Batra, Judge Rekha Palli asked the Center to also consider whether a more in-depth examination of the federation’s affairs is necessary when conducting an investigation. The court ordered that the investigation be held within four weeks and that it file its report in the High Court.

The court also made it clear that a fair chance should be given to national coach Soumyadeep Roy. However, a detailed order of the case will be available at a later date.

The Center told the Delhi High Court on Thursday that merit should be the sole criteria for selecting candidates, while supporting table tennis player Manika Batra’s claim that no one should be excluded because of his non-participation in the national camp.

The Center also said it will conduct an independent investigation into the allegations of the TT player Batra.

Appearing for the Center, Additional Solicitor General Chetan Sharma, told the Delhi HC that “merit was, merit is, merit must and merit must be the sole criteria for selecting candidates” and whether or not to participate in one camp will not deter India from sending its best athlete forward.

“There is nothing in the sports code that allows them to ban a candidate and say that if you do not attend a camp, you will be left out,” argued the Center’s lawyer.

Table tennis player Manika Batra has filed a plea against the Indian Table Tennis Federation‘s decision not to take her into the Asian Championship squad.

The Court expressed its anguish to the Table Tennis Federation over the making of the rules and said it was eager to develop these new rules.

Senior lawyer Sachin Dutta, representing petitioner Batra, spoke to the court about a past incident where national coach Roy pressured the petitioner to cancel a game solely in order to help the one of his interns from his private academy to qualify for the 2020 Olympics. He also raised concerns about Roy’s conduct.

Previously, the Court noted that Manika Batra is the highest ranked player.

Batra, an internationally renowned Indian table tennis player, ranked 56th in the world and the highest ranked Indian player internationally.

She filed a motion due to the omissions and commissions of the Respondent, the Indian Table Tennis Federation, and released the National Camp Rules and Regulations dated August 4, 2021, which she claims are exfacies, arbitrary, capricious and unbearable.

“Although the petitioner has brought laurels to the country, as recently at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, 2020, she was excluded from the contingent sent for the 25th ITTF Asian Table Tennis Championships 2021 which will be held in Doha from the 28 September. , 2021, to October 4, 2021 “, said the petitioner.

Lawyer Apoorv Kurup represented the Center in this case while lead lawyer Sachin Dutta and lawyer Akshay Amritanshu appeared on behalf of petitioner Batra.

Petitioner Batra stated that the basic facts which led to the publication of the Rules and Regulations dated August 4, 2021 is that the respondent Soumyadeep Roy had previously searched for the petitioner and urged her to sign a written letter to the Center. respondents, recommending Roy’s name as the national coach of the table tennis contingent to represent India at the 2020 Summer Olympics. The petitioner received a draft letter of recommendation from the respondent Roy himself. even, which she politely refused to sign.

After the conclusion of the Olympics, the Federation released Rules and Regulations dated August 4, 2021, which Batra received on August 27, informing him that participation in the National Coaches Camp is mandatory, otherwise she would not be selected. for any upcoming international event.

“Table tennis is an individual sport, which requires specialized training with supportive staff. Only the personal trainer would know the strengths, weaknesses, skills and areas a player should focus on and strengthen. , these rules do not allow any personal coaching / support. Therefore, the rules of 04.08.2021 are arbitrary, irrational, absurd and have no relation to the achievement of excellence in an individualized sport, such as tennis. table ”, said the petitioner.

A player training with her support staff would be seriously damaged and her performance would be seriously affected if the rules are not rescinded, the petitioner urged.

Accordingly, the claimant Batra urged the Delhi High Court to grant an interim ex parte order suspending the application of the contested rules and regulations dated August 4.

She also asked the authorities concerned to include her name in the contingent representing India at the Asian Table Tennis Championship to be held in Doha from September 28 to October 5.

She also requested instructions from the Union of India through the Youth Ministry to investigate the management of the Federation, the conduct of Roy and other TTFI officials, under the supervision of this Court. (ANI)

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