Developers share record-breaking VR drive and Christmas sales figures

Several developers have indicated that Christmas 2021 is a big time for the VR industry and the Meta’s Quest 2 headset.

Over the past few years, the Christmas period has become an increasingly important growing day for VR and VR developers, especially in the post-2019 Quest era. However, this year appears to be the biggest Christmas for VR yet, with the developers sharing stats that point to the biggest day of growth yet.

Famously, Meta does not publish any sales figures for the Quest helmets themselves at Christmas or any other time of the year. This means that we have to try to roughly estimate the size of Quest’s install base based on various other unofficial data points. This week’s developer tweets are a case in point.

The Oculus app, which is needed by new users to set up headphones, soared to number one on the Apple App Store charts over Christmas, beating popular and nearly ubiquitous social media apps TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. If the position of the Oculus app graph indicates strong adoption of new headsets, then app sales numbers and player base growth show that these new owners were also keen to participate in virtual reality experiences. .

The Rec Room social VR experience (which is available for free on both VR and non-VR platforms and consistently tops the Oculus Store charts) hit a record high this Christmas, with over one million VR players tapping into to the platform for 60 hours. period. This is huge growth – it wasn’t until the start of the year that Rec Room hit the same milestone (1 million VR players connected) over an entire month. The company is currently recruiting for more than 60 positions.

Hand Physics Lab developer Dennys Kuhnert said sales of the app on Christmas Day were “unprecedented.” He also shared an unlabeled sales chart for Hand Physics Lab, showing a huge upward spike that appears to be roughly double the previous sales peak on the day the app launched.

A Golf + developer noted that he had to “Evolve to manage CCUs [concurrently connected users]” the day of Christmas. Another Golf + developer noted that sales over the Christmas 2021 period significantly exceeded 2020, with December 24, 2021 fleetingly becoming the “best selling day ever,” only to be immediately (and significantly) past the The day after Christmas.

Players online in Eleven Table Tennis on all platforms during the Christmas period, retrieved from www.https: // on December 28.

Twitter user @henrilatr remarked to UploadVR editor Ian Hamilton that Eleven Table Tennis experienced a significant spike in online gamers on Christmas Day, from peaks of around 800 players on December 21-24 to new peaks of over 1,800 players on Christmas Day. These new peaks have remained roughly stable from Christmas through December 28.

Sam watts, developer at Make Real VR, indicated that he was happy with the Loco Dojo Unleashed revenue chart on Christmas Day, sharing an unlabeled chart with a line that skyrockets in the same way as the apps above.

The developer of the popular multiplayer game Gorilla Tag also reported a massive player count, citing 344,000 unique users “absolutely insane” (and a peak of 26,000 concurrent users) throughout the Christmas weekend. It’s also worth nothing that Gorilla Tag isn’t even available on the Oculus Store for Quest 2 – it’s listed on App Lab, meaning new users to that platform should have found or looked for a link to. the app somewhere online. Quest 2 users would not have been driven to the app organically in VR like the other apps listed above, which makes it quite a significant achievement even when considering PC VR gamers, as the game is also sold on Steam.

This is probably just a small glimpse into what has been one of the most profitable and huge periods of growth in virtual reality history. Most of the above apps are available on multiple VR platforms including Quest 2, PC VR, and PSVR. However, it’s clear that while some growth is being driven by the latter two platforms, it’s Meta’s Quest 2 that is probably responsible for most of this insane growth. For the record, more people than ever are sharing videos of new users (from all demographic groups, but especially younger ones) unbox and play with the new Quest 2 headsets this Christmas.

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