Is digital changing the world of sport?

Streaming remained the most-watched TV format in September, accounting for 36.9% of total TV usage. This data shows the latest Nielsen report from The Gauge. The growth in sports program management is impressive — 222%.

According to another provide, nearly half of US residents will watch live sports this year, and nearly a quarter will watch them digitally. This does not mean that live sports broadcasting will disappear. However, this confirms that many alternatives are emerging in the media space, leading to changes in the behavior of advertisers, platforms and consumers.

Many areas need to be discussed in the sports industry. For example: what are the prospects for new digital players?

Today, sports fans expect in-depth statistics and analysis on every sporting event. The main thing here is not the format, but the exciting presentation, a wide selection of sporting events and a convenient schedule. It is crucial to seek an optimal combination of all factors.

BETER Sports — More than 10,000 sporting events per month

BEST sports provides live streams, live data and odds for over 10,000 Setka Cup events per month and over 660 Asian Basketball League matches per year:

Setka Cup: fast-paced and popular table tennis tournaments that fill airtime with engaging content and ensure stable, predictable profits and maximum performance. BETER Sport’s next generation table tennis content has over 13 million monthly views in 152 countries.

Asian Basketball League: a sports league in Central Asia organizes more than 10 basketball tournaments per year, three games per day and includes eight professional teams (5 × 5).

These fast-paced matches are streamed from multiple angles to make the viewing experience more engaging and immersive for punters and drive revenue growth for our partners.

BETER Sports is the solution for sports betting and their sports community because it is next generation sports content.

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