Is Kim Taehyung In The Squid Game? The imagination of the BTS army …

Yes, you heard right! BTS’s huge army wants to see Kim Taehyung aka ‘V ‘the singer of Squid Game, the drama series from South Korea. His photos are also retouched to express the desire to review the act!

V from BTS aka Kim taehyung seems to be making headlines again. The whole military wants the singer to return to acting and this time around he is in high demand to appear in South Korea’s survival drama series Squid Game. They can watch V’s Actor Chops in many random BTS RUN episodes.

The My Universe singer is also considered part of Hwarang: the youth warrior poet, the historical drama in 2016. It seemed like the whole army went gaga over watching their favorite Korean idol and the main competitor of the The most beautiful man acting on television screens, and the army sees itself growing by the day.

The Squid game is one of the most famous series which is considered to be constantly growing audiences worldwide. According to the current Netflix drama series hype Park Hae-soo, Lee Jung-Jae, as well as Wi Ha-Joon, the series tells the story of a specific group risking their lives in a mysterious survival game with a prize of $ 38.7 billion. The series is also considered to be receiving rave reviews.

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Kim taehyung

Squid Game is South Korea’s first drama series to win No. 1 on the streaming service in the United States. That’s the reason; the BTS Army must work. Fans edited the photos of Taehyung in a similar tracksuit outfit, as he was seen wearing the same type of tracksuit in an episode of Run BTS which also features the boys playing table tennis with the gold medalist.

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