Judge Gita Mittal leads table tennis in conflict-torn Shopian at J&K

KOLKATA, October 20: Sports platforms provide an ideal launching pad for young people, whether in a region or country torn apart by conflict or in times of normality, bringing about social change and providing refuge from a life of misery .
There are a plethora of examples around the world, including India. Militancy-hit states like Jharkhand and Manipur have witnessed a sea change with women with special interests excelling in hockey and weightlifting, making India proud of international fixtures. The Table Tennis Federation of India (TTFI), in its attempt to create a social order in the society, especially among the younger generation, will take the sport to Shopian district of Jammu and Kashmir which has been affected by terrorism. TTFI’s Committee of Trustees (CoA), consisting of Chetan Mittal, SD Mudgil and Justice (Retd) Chairman Gita Mittal, will be launched on Thursday.
A center that will provide a comprehensive solution to the sports ecosystem for Shopian children through sports education, TTFI said on Wednesday. Called Edutainment and Sportainment by TENVIC, in collaboration with Jadooz Cinema, Justice Gita Mittal will inaugurate the center at the Shopian City Council on October 20 on behalf of TTFI. The Shopian initiative is a prelude to 10 such centers by 2023.
“This will be the first such effort by a national sports federation, and Judge Gita Mittal at the helm of TTFI has made it possible,” said Vasant Bharadwaj, CEO of TENVIC.
The CoA Chairperson, on her part, said, “Kashmir is close to my heart and I am sure if given the opportunity to excel in sport, the youth of J&K will contribute greatly to sport in the country.”
Citing the example of how sport has changed the lives of many people, even in war-torn countries, Judge Gita Mittal hoped that with the advent of sports centers, the wounds of J&K people would heal and would soon alter the narratives.
Thanking Justice Mittal for taking up the challenge, Bharadwaj said TENVIC was honored to be involved in nation building and roped in Jadooz as a partner to execute their processes. Kanika Singal of Jadooz also felt happy to be associated with the initiative and said: “We are delighted to make our zones the nerve center of the sport and hope to achieve the goal of creating 10 centers at J&K from March 2023 for young J&K champions to inspire the local and international diaspora.”

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