Kuwait Swimming Federation: 8 players to represent Kuwait National Team at 3rd GCC Games – ARAB TIMES

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KUWAIT CITY, May 11: The Kuwait Swimming Federation has announced that eight players will represent the national team in the third game of the GCC which will take place in Kuwait from May 13-31. A total of 1,700 female and male players will participate in these games.

Team manager Zain Al-Abidin Muhammad said the team roster includes swimmers Abbas Qoli, Walid Al-Abed Al-Razzaq, Rashid Al-Tarmoum, Faisal Al-Tanak, Mashari Al-Samhan , Abdul-Razzaq Al-Duwaihi, Abdulaziz Al-Duwaihi and Saud Al-Shamroukh.

Mohammed added that the Kuwaiti swimmers are stepping up their training at Al-Nasr Sports Club’s Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammed Complex under the guidance of Italian coach Simona Pestacica, in preparation for the match competitions which are due to start next Tuesday and last four days.

He praised the commitment and great discipline of the players in the drills which started more than two months ago on a daily basis, adding that the team officials are looking forward to achieving the best results and winning the biggest. number of gold medals available, ie 17, which makes swimming the second most medal-winning sport after athletics.

The tournament will begin on Friday with the women’s athletics competitions, with the rest of the matches taking place in succession.

The course includes competitions in 16 sports, namely handball, volleyball, basketball, futsal, swimming, athletics, karate, judo, fencing, shooting, tennis, cycling, ice hockey, table tennis and padel, in addition to video sports.

For the first time, the tournament will see the participation of the female component, since the players will take part in seven competitions, including futsal, cycling, athletics, table tennis, basketball (3×3), video games and padel.

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