Letter: Sports center problems | Hampshire Chronicle

It IS more than 15 months since the new sports center was inaugurated. Center users have often given positive reports about the environment. The swimmers I know are happy. I have used the gym myself and regularly attend an exercise class in a studio on the first floor, where the air conditioning works well. Unfortunately, this satisfaction does not extend to the entire building.

If you have the misfortune to use the main room, the adjoining squash courts or the ground floor changing rooms, the experience is not pleasant and is dangerous for your health. The building has no windows; it relies on an air conditioning system that hasn’t worked for 15 months. It is very hot and lack of air.

The main hall is used by the various racquet sports offered by the over 50s club two days a week, but during school holidays the space in the hall is reserved for children’s activities. At that time, table tennis is moved to squash courts, which together with the smaller surface, glass walls and no ventilation makes the environment even worse.

The council has spent tens of millions of pounds of our money on the new centre, but both children and adults have to suffer from this unpleasant and dangerous atmosphere. It also doesn’t make business sense in the time of Covid; I and others have sometimes avoided the center in case our holiday plans etc. would be ruined by an infection. I guess there are many who won’t come back after an experience. Could the city council fix this air conditioning problem now.

Dr Michael Bennett,

Fordington Road,



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