Madhya Pradesh teams finalization for India utility sports tournament

BHOPAL: Madhya Pradesh civil service teams for India’s public service sports tournaments have been finalized for four sports, namely Kabddi, hockey, table tennis and volleyball, the secretary informed on Friday. deputy of the sports and youth department, Sandeep Kumar Makin.

The hockey tournament will take place at the Markandeshwar Hockey Stadium in Kurukshetra in Haryana from September 23 to 30. Nineteen players were selected for the men’s team with several district sports officers and six forestry officers as members.

The state’s senior women’s squad will include the 17 players who came for the trials. The women’s team is ready to play after 57 years at the tournament, inspired by the national hockey team’s recent performance at the Olympics.

The women’s team is unique as they are all over 55 and the oldest of the team’s officials is Lucy Alfonso, a 61-year-old senior teacher from Barkhedi.

There are nine teachers, seven officials and a clerk on the team. The two youngest players on the team are 49 years old.

Kabaddi’s match will be played at Bhim Stadium in Bhiwani in Haryana from Saturday to Monday. Fourteen members each for the men’s and women’s team were selected to represent the state.

The table tennis tournament will take place at INA’s Thyagraj Stadium in Delhi from September 24-29. Four maids were selected for the women’s team and a spare player was selected. Two women were selected from the list of veterans.

Five players have been selected for the men’s squad with two in reserve. Two players have been selected for the veterans category.

Volleyball matches will be played from September 20 to 24 at Dronacharya Stadium in Kurukshetra in Haryana. Twelve players were selected for the men’s team and two were kept in reserve.

The women’s team, however, could only handle eleven players. They will represent the state without any replacement player.

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Posted on: Friday September 17th, 2021 10:39 PM IST

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