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The Tokyo Olympics will be the biggest ever, with 339 events in 41 different sports. Two dozen events are added to existing sports, in addition to the brand new sports of 3×3 basketball, skateboarding, sport climbing, surfing and karate, as well as the occasional return of baseball and softball.

Many of the new events resolve the disparities between male and female athletes. Although women have participated in the Olympics since 1900, they have historically had far fewer medal opportunities than men. In Tokyo, however, the International Olympic Committee expects 49% of competitors will be women, the largest share ever recorded.

The women of Team USA dominated matches in Rio and are expected to do the same in Tokyo. Here’s how, according to Corey Robinson.

Other new events will feature men and women in mixed team events, which have proven popular in sports such as tennis. Here’s a look at all the new additions to these familiar Olympic sports:

What are the new mixed team events at the 2021 Olympics?

Before Tokyo, the Olympic Games featured a few mixed team events: mixed doubles in badminton and tennis, as well as the Nacra 17 mixed in sailing. Men and women also compete in horse riding. This summer, seven other sports will feature mixed team events:

The swim will feature a 4x100m medley relay with two men and two women on each team, taking place on July 29 and 31. Likewise, athletics will have a mixed 4x400m relay on July 30 and 31. Table tennis will add a mixed doubles tournament, which will take place July 23-26.

The mixed team judo event on July 30 and 31 features three men and three women on each team, with each athlete coming from a different weight class. In the triathlon, also on July 30 and 31, two men and two women will compete on each team in the mixed team relay super sprint. Shooting will add three mixed team events in air rifle (July 27), air pistol (July 26-27) and trap (July 31). Each team in the mixed archery event on July 23 and 24 will consist of a man and a woman playing in match play.

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What are the new individual events for the Tokyo Olympics?

Boxing will add the featherweight (57 kg / 125 lb) and welterweight (69 kg / 152 lb) divisions for women, bringing the women’s program to five weight classes from eight for men. The women’s featherweight will end on August 2 and the women’s welterweight on August 7.

Canoeing will have several new events. In canoe slalom, women will compete for the first time in the canoe single (C-1) event on July 28-29, joining the men’s C-1, men’s single kayak (K-1) and K -1 female. There will now be six canoe sprint events each for men and women, although the distances differ. The new events are the men’s K-4,500m (August 5-6), the women’s C-1,200m (August 3-4) and the women’s C-2,500m (August 5-6).

Cycling also adds two events in Men’s and Women’s Freestyle BMX (July 30-31) and Madison (August 6-8). The Madison is an exciting relay race named after Madison Square Garden that pits two teams of two against each other to complete more laps on the track. The men’s Madison was previously part of the Olympic program in 2000, 2004 and 2008.

Fencing will have more team events, adding the men’s team saber (July 27-28) and the women’s team foil (July 28-29). Now men and women will each have team events in the three fencing disciplines (épée, foil and saber), which use different weapons and masks, with different target areas to hit on the opponent’s body.

In rowing, a four-man boat race will be added to the women’s program for the first time, making the men’s and women’s programs equal with seven events each. It will take place on July 23, 27 and 28.

Swimming adds two individual events that have long been part of the FINA World Championships: the men’s 800m freestyle (July 27-28) and the women’s 1,500 freestyle (July 26-27). Previously, only the reverse events, the women’s 800m and the men’s 1,500m, were on the Olympic program. The women’s 1500m is sure to increase Katie Ledecky’s medal harvest: she did not lose a race of over 200m in seven years.

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