Newcastle United: Premier League agrees to meet Amnesty International

Newcastle co-owner Staveley hopes to move forward

The Premier League has agreed to meet with Amnesty International to discuss a revised test of owners and directors following Saudi Arabia’s takeover of Newcastle.

He has already pointed out how Saudi Arabia has a “appalling” record on the issue and says the rules on club ownership are “woefully inadequate.”

But the Premier League says it has “legally binding assurances” that the country’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) controls 80% of the club, not the Saudi state, although Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is also chairman of the club. PIF.

It is understood that the Premier League is willing to listen to Amnesty’s concerns and will conduct a test review of its owners and directors as it often does after a takeover.

The test assesses whether criminal activity has taken place by potential owners, but does not currently specifically mention the human rights allegations within it.

Sacha Deshmukh, Acting Managing Director of Amnesty International UK, said: “We are obviously delighted that the Premier League is willing to talk about these proposals as a starting point for what we hope will be a process that will lead to a considerable strengthening. rules of governance of football.

“The current rules regarding who owns and runs English football clubs are woefully inadequate, without a property ban for accomplices in torture, slavery, human trafficking or even war crimes.

“We look forward to discussing with Richard Masters our ideas for a human rights compliant owner and manager test that can help weed out inappropriate owners complicit in human rights abuses, as well as reduce washing sports and generally improve governance in the game. “

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