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TOKYO (REUTERS) – Hungarian Maria Fazekas celebrated her second Olympic appearance by dying the five-ring symbol on the back of her two-block haircut, much to the delight of those on Japanese social media watch her in the team event on Sunday (August 1).

“Only the elect can wear this haircut. It’s super cool,” @ 38-jen wrote on Twitter.

“I don’t know why, but looking at the Hungarian paddler’s hairstyle makes me happy,” @idlaonvcee wrote.

Fazekas, who last competed in the Olympics in Athens in 2004, said she decided to go for the five-ring haircut and Olympic-themed nail art to express her joy. to return to the Games.

“It’s special because it’s a celebration for me to be here again,” Fazekas said as she flaunted her blonde hair.

While absent from the Hungarian national team in 2005, Fazekas continued to play table tennis in Germany and her home country, coaching the Hungarian national cadet team for three years.

The 45-year-old paddler told Reuters she had her hair done in Hungary before coming to Tokyo.

“When I went to the barber and said what I wanted, they didn’t say anything for a while. They just asked ‘What? What do you want?’” Said Fazekas laughing.

“And it’s famous now. It’s good because a lot of people will be talking about Hungary, table tennis and my hair, so it’s nice.”

Fazekas and her teammates lost to Japan 3-0, but she said it was a good experience.

She said: “It was a very good game because Japan are a strong team … It was a good thing for us to play against them, especially Mima Ito.

“They are very good players. They are so fast.”

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