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Have you all heard of pickleball? If you haven’t, it is a kind of large dill. Pickleball shares similarities with tennis, table tennis + badminton (as well as other paddle ball sports). He has official rules, regulationsand even his own organization — American Pickleball Association. Here is the truth on the game so that you don’t find yourself in a pickle:

  • It can be played inside or outside.
  • The court is badminton size (20′ x 44′) with a modified tennis net.
  • The pickleball itself is plastic + has holes, like a wiffleball. The paddle is a bit smaller than a tennis racket.
  • It can be played as double or singlethat means 2-4 people, for those of us who have difficulty with racquet sports.

According to Lakeland Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts Program Coordinator, Beth Sherlingthe town of Lakeland started offering outdoor pickleball just over a decade ago. These days, Lakelanders can find pickleball courts (or bordered tennis courts for pickleball) at most Lakeland outdoor tennis venues.

Where can you play Lakeland?

  • Kelly Recreation Complex, 404 boul. Imperial | Play indoor pickleball from Mon.-Fri. between 8 a.m..m.-12 p.m..m. and on Monday evening from 5:30h.m.-8am.m. Outdoor pickleball courts are open daily from dawn to dusk — $6 fee applies after 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. or whenever the lights need to be on.
  • Simpson Park Community Center, 1725 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. | Play indoor pickleball from Mon.-Fri. between 9 a.m..m.-12 p.m..m.
  • Parker Lake Park, 820 E. Robson Street | Play pickleball outdoors on one of the six pickleball courts at Gate 4 (820 E. Robson Street) or on one of two edged tennis courts for pickleball at Gate 1 (910 E. Granada St.).
  • Woodlake Park, 3415 New Jersey Rd. | Play pickleball outdoors on one of the six unlit courts from dawn until dusk.
  • If you are interested in joining a pickleball league, This site can help you find or establish one in the Lakeland area.

Pro Tip: Email Lakeland Recreation Division and set a schedule for a staff member or the current Lakeland tennis professional, Cy Smith of the United States Professional Tennis Association, at be there to show you the ropes.

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