“Rafael Nadal always comes to greet and…”, says an expert

In an interview with the BNP Paribas Open YouTube account, Rafael Nadal recalled that his triumph dates back to six years ago when he defeated Juan Martín del Potro in a three-set final. The Spaniard lost a set and a break in this match and eventually won.

In February, he returned to play after a seven-month hiatus. “2013 was very emotional for me, I came back after a very long time away from the tennis courts, I started playing on clay and I was not sure if I would come or not because of my knee, but at the last moment we decided to come,” said Nadal.

Upon winning in 2007, Nadal added: “I remember playing at a very high level of tennis, it was a great feeling and I really enjoyed it.” Nadal finally praised Indian Wells: “It’s hard to imagine a better place to play golf than this.

It’s fantastic for me that I love golf. It’s a great feeling. I still really like this place, one of the tournaments I feel most comfortable in, the crowd support is obviously still huge and for me it’s even more special after losing this tournament the year last.

It’s crazy how things have gone over the last few years, how the tournament has improved, all the work the organization and Larry Ellison’s team have done. As players, we can only thank you for investing and believing in our sport.

He (Ellison) is very passionate, he loves to play, he loves to follow, he cares about the sport.”

Sophie Clermont talks about Nadal

The Quebec newspaper went to question the player manager of the Montreal tournament.

As usual, it’s crispy with some fun little anecdotes. Sophie Clermont, 41, therefore officiates as a super concierge so that the players are in a real cocoon. Last year, it was Giorgi who surprised everyone: “Camila spent her evenings playing backgammon with her volunteer drivers.

Suddenly, she quickly became our darling.” Sophie also insists on two points, the use of the table tennis table: “There is something incredible to see two players who normally compete on large courts compete against each other in table tennis”.

And the attitude of Rafael Nadal: “My favorite is Rafael Nadal, he is courteous and he always comes to say hello and check in when he arrives.” During an exclusive interview with Essentially Sports, the Tennis Hall of Fame spoke about the rise of young talent in tennis while talking about Djokovic and Nadal’s chances at the US Open this year.

He said: “It’s going to be interesting to see the US Open because right now Djokovic can’t play and it’s going to be, it’s going to be interesting to see if Nadal is going to be fit enough and strong enough to play well. .-heated by the wound in the stomach too…”

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