Red Bull Solo Q 2021 World Finals finalists revealed

Are you ready for Red Bull Solo Q? The finalists for the 2021 Red Bull Solo Q World Finals have been announced, and as we move closer to the League of Legends 1v1 Final at the BMW Welt in Munich, Germany, here’s everything you need to know about the participants before you go. the competition does not really heat up. .

Matias ‘Mágico’ Muñoz Da Cruz

Mágico is from Argentina and his favorite champion is Aurelion Sol. Entered the competition as a retired professional player from the CLS (Copa Latinoamérica) (now LLA, Liga Latinoamérica, the highest competition of League of Legends in Latin America), he now wants to focus on 1v1 tournaments. like this one. Mágico says he wants “to be a great representative, not only of Argentina but also of Latin Americans who could not travel”.

Canadian participant Doxa is new to international competitions, this is his second event to date. Preferring Zed as the champion, Doxa’s inexperience is eclipsed by his enthusiasm for entering Solo Q. In fact, he looks forward to the level of his rivals, saying he would like to “gain more experience. by playing quality games “.

Hong ‘HKWarmboy’ Kwan Kit

HKWarmboy will represent Hong Kong beyond its account name and looks forward to the challenge Solo Q will bring. Alongside LoL, where he favors Gnar as champion, he also plays basketball. HKWarmboy says his main goal is “not to lose in the first round”.

One of the two Romanian participants, Hikaru tends to favor Jinx as his champion. His goal for Solo Q is twofold, saying he wants to “meet new people and have a good time at the event, but I also want to prove that I can compete at the highest level”.

The second of the Romanian participants, Shakara is a big fan of Katarina. His biggest dream is to not only win this competition but also have a successful professional career playing League of Legends. He has already said he wants to “win it all” and wants all scouts watching him to know that he is “open to all trials at halftime!”

Arno is ready to lead Camille to victory

© Tomek Gola / Red Bull Content Pool

Arno is from Switzerland and his favorite champion is Camille. Besides hanging out with his friends, LoL is one of his most beloved hobbies, but the hope is that he will become so even more. He says he’s here to “have fun while trying to win… and maybe get spotted, who knows?”

Mert ‘You Mert BRO’ Aptoula Chousein

Representing Greece for the second time at this year’s Solo Q, Mert’s goal is to ‘bring the trophy home this year’. He hopes his experience in the Greek Legends League (GLL), the highest form of competition in Greece, will give him an advantage this time around.

Houssam ‘Liban Flamer’ Meraachli

Liban Flamer represents his home country, Kuwait, at Solo Q 2021, and says his favorite champion is Kayle. He is the only player from the Middle East and North Africa region to qualify, but when asked what his goal is for this year, he was brief and sweet, saying simply: ” first place ! “

David "potatoes" Hallin is interviewed after winning a match at Red Bull Solo Q in Stockholm, Sweden on October 10, 2021

Potatis wants to fly Swedish flag

© Elias Gammelgard / Red Bull Content Pool

Swedish participant Solo Q is no stranger to tougher competition, having already played in a few of their national league teams. Potatis has recently taken a closer look at 1v1 matches and this year hopes to do his best to “win it again for Sweden”, following back-to-back wins for compatriot Erik ‘ZiViZ’ Lövgren in Solo Q.

Having been in the professional League of Legends scene in his home country of Denmark for about nine years now, Godbro – who favors Ekko – says he wants to “show that I can be a good 1v1 player.”

Mads ‘Viggomopsen’ Mikkelsen

The second player to represent Denmark, Viggomopsen is not kidding. He says he hopes to “win the whole tournament” and wants “to prove that rank is no longer an indication of skill, so that even flat players can be world champions.”

Ehab ‘Hamboly’ Abdelrazik

An extremely dedicated player, Egyptian Hamboly says LoL is his favorite game and basically the only thing he plays. Coming to Solo Q with dominance in mind, he says “the world title is my goal”.

Lingwi has his eyes set on a career in the French league and says he will “do his best to perform well for France” in this year’s Solo Q competition. He tends to favor Camille, and says he is above all “here to enjoy the competition”.

Besides studying, playing soccer, and table tennis, Rune’s main love in life is playing LoL. He will represent his home country Germany at Solo Q and says he wants to “gain experience in the tournament and try new things”.

B0nd wants to prove how far he can go in Solo Q.

B0nd winner at Red Bull Solo Q 2021 Madrid

© Kirill Bashkirov / Red Bull Content Pool

Representing Spain at Solo Q 2021, B0nd is no stranger to 1v1 matches. Despite taking a break in his LoL career to work as a nurse in a COVID-19 unit, he still hopes his experience is good. He says he just wants to “prove to himself how far I can go.”

HULKSMASH3131 hopes to make (and beat) new friends at Red Bull Solo Q 2021

HULKSMASH3131 winner of Red Bull Solo Q 2021 Istanbul, Turkey

© Barış Acarlı / Red Bull Content Pool

Ahmet ‘HULKSMASH3131’ Cumhur

The Turkish player says he wants to become a “decent esports player or streamer,” and enjoys watching streams on his days off. He’s looking to “enjoy the tournament, make new friends, and then beat them” during Solo Q 2021.

Bradley ‘bradleyyy’ Benneyworth

Bradleyyy hopes to “win it all” and is one of two players to represent the United States as this year’s Solo Q. He tends to favor Akali as the champion and has high hopes for the competition this year.

The second American participant, DarkWings considers himself an “amateur player trying to turn pro” who has been playing since season two. He hopes “to have fun and be the best in the tournament!”

Arnas ‘arnax’ Stepanauskas

Arnax is from Lithuania and has been playing LoL since the early days. He hopes to use his skills to his advantage during Solo Q, and says that in addition to his main goal of having fun, he believes in his abilities to go far.

The 2021 Red Bull Solo Q World Final kicks off at the BMW Welt in Munich, Germany on December 4. The official Red Bull Twitch channel to see all the action live from 4 p.m. CET!
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