Registration open for the eleven table tennis tournament in August

Registration is now open for the August Eleven Table Tennis Ranking Tournament, the latest in a series of official monthly tournaments offering a $ 500 prize pool.

The tournament begins August 1 and gives serious eleven table tennis players a chance to compete for a $ 500 prize pool, with matches taking place throughout the month.

Entries are available at – those interested should register by August 1 to ensure they are included in the draw.

In the Google doc registration form, you will be asked to provide an email, your Facebook username (if you have one), your Discord username, and your Eleven Player ID, which can be found by searching for your username on the Eleven Virtual Reality Site. You will also need to confirm that your Eleven VR ELO is at least 2000, as this is the minimum required to participate in the monthly tournaments.

Your ELO is a way of expressing your rank in the game relative to other players – it starts at 1,500 and goes up or down depending on whether you win or lose. Your ELO is unique to ranked matches only, so your regular unranked matches don’t affect anything. The ELO points you earn or lose when playing ranked matches are also weighted based on how good your opponent is compared to you – to defeat someone higher ranked than you, you might earn more ELO than the other. normal and vice versa. You can read more about Eleven’s ELO system here.

This isn’t the first monthly tournament put together by the developers of Eleven VR – in fact, the July tournament ends soon and the highlights are regularly posted on Eleven’s Twitter account. Some of the matches are also shown on Eleven’s Twitch channel.

The August Eleven Table Tennis Ranking tournament begins August 1 and will run throughout the month. Registrations are available here.

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