Sports gambling takes off in Colorado, raising profits, taxes and worries at casinos

Garcia said he is adding another activity to be done between slots and poker.

“It’s something that you can take a break from the game and go watch a game and place a bet,” Garcia said.

Yet all the activity is online and the race for users is being played on television between a few big companies – Caesars, DraftKings, FanDuel and BetMGM.

“It’s a land grab right now,” said Kristin Mackey, marketing manager for SuperBook Sports, one of Colorado’s lesser-known apps. Mackey said the publicity may soon change as more states launch. “I think we’ll see that start to compose backwards. We’ve already started to see this dial pull back a bit, as more markets open up. “

But the ads, lack of limits, and the ease of setting up accounts and betting at home have some people worried about the potential for addiction.

“There has been a lot of concern about this ad,” said Peggy Brown, new chair of the Problem Gambling Coalition of Colorado board of directors. “It can be a trigger for those who are having problems.”

Brown, herself a recovering gambling addict, personally answers the helpline phones, which she says has seen the volume of calls increase. She was emotional after learning that state lawmakers and regulators planned to tackle problem gambling in the New Year, possibly through legislation and new rules.

In Colorado’s 18 months of sports betting, casinos collected $ 107 million in net revenue and the state collected $ 12 million in taxes. Most of the tax revenue goes towards water supply projects, but there is also money for problem gambling.

Hartman, of the State Gambling Division, said they would look to speed up cash distribution to bring therapists up to speed on gambling issues, and possibly provide users with the option to easily opt out of all of them. betting activities in the state.

“It’s our responsibility as regulators, as a state, it’s the responsibility of the industry, to really make sure that if someone has a problem, there has to be a safety net.”

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