Steve Stricker hopes to lead U.S. Ryder Cup team to victory

Russo, who has a doctorate. in organizational leadership, has an in-depth knowledge of the personality tests Azinger used 13 years ago. Stricker, who was on the 2008 squad, conceded last week that he would use various tactics to design his pairs, though he declined to say whether he would use the pod system. Russo said reviews could be valuable tools, but cautioned, “You need someone who knows what they’re doing with them because these things can be dangerous.” Azinger, for example, had extensive consultations with a clinical psychologist.

Additionally, Russo, who has worked for pharmaceutical and biotech companies and brought teams together for large-scale initiatives, insisted there was a “special sauce” for winning teams.

“There’s magic in there too,” she said. “You have a team of rivals and you want to bring them together to take on something bigger than all of them. And it is not easy to do.

It could be even more difficult if Brooks Koepka, who qualified for the team but suffered a wrist injury last month, is healthy enough to play. Koepka and his US teammate Bryson DeChambeau have spent most of this year feuding on social media. Stricker has asked the two to put aside their differences in the Ryder Cup, and every player has been on the low lately, but don’t expect Koepka and DeChambeau to be paired up for a match, or even affected. at the same pod – if there is a pod system.

Justin Leonard, who was a member of several US Ryder Cup teams, including the 2008 team, said keeping Koepka and DeChambeau apart should be “very easy”, especially if the players are in pods.

“We had breakfast together, we had dinner together, we played our practice laps together, and when we were in the same room with the whole team, we sat at a table together,” said Leonard in 2008, adding that the arrangement provided a level of comfort as there were no surprises when the pairings were announced.

Additionally, Leonard, who is now an NBC golf analyst, said he expects the pod system to return for the Americans this week because Phil Mickelson, who was on the 2008 squad, is a non-playing vice-captain of Stricker.

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