Street party winks at history

A PHOTO of a party in Niagara Road, Henley, to celebrate the end of World War II was shown at a Jubilee party in the street on Sunday.

The black and white photo was sent to resident Di Batty, who was born and raised in Henley, last year and she decided to share it.

People marked where their homes were in the photo. Ms Batty said: “I think it’s great that we’re coming together for the Jubilee. You don’t necessarily mix with other people – only when you go out.

“In terms of jubilee, the way this woman [the Queen] worked for this country, I just have great admiration for her. The event featured a jazz band featuring resident Brian Bowles on saxophone.

There was a barbecue, table tennis, table football and hopscotch.

Lead organizer Kris Samyui said some residents had moved to the streets during the coronavirus pandemic, so this was a good opportunity to get to know them. He said: “The Queen brings the whole country together – she unites us just by being there. I’m proud of it.

Four-year-old Sophia Mul, who was dressed as a princess, said: “I had fun playing hopscotch and my mum said ‘Careful!’ to me as the queen says.

“I learned about the queen at school. You have to curtsy when you meet her.

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