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The long-standing program has produced prestigious graduates, both mentors and mentees.

Constantina Crotta (GRE), advanced referee and president of the ITTF Para TT committee, has experienced mentoring several proteges in the refereeing program of the mentoring program, among them Yoanna Ramirez (COL), who joined her at the 2021 World Table Tennis Championships in Houston, Texas (USA).

“It was very interesting even for my side to work and exchange opinions with the mentees because they came from different continents with totally different approaches and ways of giving solutions to any case. I even had the opportunity to work with Yoanna in the WTTC in Houston, she has great potential but needs more experience, she was great in the call zone, observing and observing the decisions I would make regarding the racquets, t-shirts and similar issues, and later she reacted accordingly. On the playground, she would ask me questions and discuss any matters with me. I also had occasion, when she was taking part in another competition in Lima, to give him advice on how to establish the schedule of referees Constantine Crotta.

For referee Samuel Miller (AUS), who was mentored by Roman Klecker (CZE), the first-ever Gold Badge referee, the mentorship left a lasting impact:

“Overall, this mentorship program has been very helpful to me as a budding young referee. It was a pleasure discussing many match situations with an experienced mentor and challenging each other during the program and broadening our understanding of the rules and regulations but most importantly inspiring greater confidence to apply them in a match situation in any given environment. I hope the ITTF will continue to offer this program in the future and I will continue to meet with my mentor every 3 months, we have established a positive working relationship through this program. Thanks!”

Within the coaching arm, Ryan Jenkins (ENG) mentored Anisara Muangsuk (INA) and Houri Aghamiri (IRI) for four months – but their cooperation will continue. Even though Houri and Anisara were busy guiding their teams through events such as the 2021 World Table Tennis Championship and the 2021 Global Prospects Week and Challenge, all three committed to the program and established a excellent working relationship. Throughout the busy schedule, they stayed connected through the virtual mentorship program. They are keen to cooperate in the future, with Ryan inviting them to join him in England for a training camp in 2022.

In Australia, Eva Jeler (AUS) virtually mentored Albert Cheng (AUS) and Frank Roguiez (AUS).

“It was a very good experience for me and the mentees were great, they chose theoretical subjects and in-person work was not necessary. And the virtual sessions were enough.

Albert introduced me to an unusual but very clear and useful way of analyzing and teaching TT game systems and tactics. He was very motivated during all the sessions, interested and “at the bottom” of our discussions. Frank’s absolute strength as a TT coach is his interest, knowledge and ability to analyze a game through the serve and return aspect. Our discussions during the sessions focused mainly on this topic, and he brought valuable aspects to it. »

In 2022, coaches will be able to improve their performance analysis skills by choosing the new performance analysis element, coached by experts from Stupa Analytics.

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