Table tennis tournament ends in Kabul

The final of a table tennis tournament in Kabul took place on Saturday.

The tournament was launched to select top players for the Kabul table tennis team.

Wahidullah Sadat won the final round for the adult level class out of 40 contestants.

“We hope to get the government’s attention, and we ask that the rights and credits that have been promised to us be provided so that we can play and bring home the achievements of foreign countries,” Saadat said.

Munib Sharafi won the final round of the teenage class matches.

The chief executive of physical education and sports said the government intends to remove all barriers to physical education and sports across the country.

“We will overcome the challenges in the field of sport. I ask all young people who live in villages, districts and provinces to pay attention to sport because sport is good for health, ”said Nazar Mohammad Motmaeen, Director General of Physical Education and Sports.

“We have a five-year strategic plan. We want our players to play well in international matches within five years. Our main focus is currently on adolescents, ”said Javid Sharfi, head of the table tennis federation.

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