Tennis should have different SOPs

Johnson Koh

KOTA KINABALU: Tennis should have a different Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), said Sabah Tennis Association (STA) President Johnson Koh.

He stressed that tennis should not be compared to other court games such as badminton when deciding on the appropriate SOP.

Koh added that the right people with tennis skills should prepare the SOP for the sport.

“I totally agree that we must have SOPs to follow during this dangerous and very bad Covid-19 tragedy.

“But I’m not sure the current SOP that has been established is from people who know what is what,” he said in a statement Tuesday.

“I specifically want to comment on the tennis point of view.

“How to group tennis with badminton, squash, table tennis and other court games… contactless.

“First of all, the dimensions and the spaces are totally different. Most table tennis and badminton games are enclosed or indoors.

“Tennis courts are often 120 feet by 60 feet by normal standards, much larger than the others mentioned.
“By dimensions, if you’re playing doubles with four players on the field, the distance is definitely greater than the recommended SOP.

“So my statement is that it is illogical to group tennis with the others mentioned.

“Every sport is different… every sport has different rules.

“Please get the right people to get the correct information to formulate and regulate the sport,” he said.

The current SOP states that tennis is one of the permitted non-contact sports, although, like badminton and table tennis, only the singles event can be played as long as the SOP a physical distance of at least two to three meters is respected.

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