Terrington Tennis Club offers ace ideas to save the courts

TENNIS players have come up with ace ideas to help save their local club.

Members of Terrington Tennis Club are on an advertising, recruitment and fundraising campaign to raise £20,000 to resurface its two courts.

One idea was for club members and villagers to “favorite” a chair and redecorate it.

Club member Anne Northeast decorated one of the chairs, while her 70-year-old husband Nick planned to run the Edinburgh Marathon, raising more than £300 for the court fund.

And the club will host a Pickleball and Pimms event on Saturday, July 2, from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., sponsored by IT Sports, which will include a raffle.

Trevor Watson, captain of the Terrington tennis team, said: “Both of our courts need to be redone – it would be a shame to lose them. It will come to a point where they are no longer safe to play on.”

The courts are owned by the town hall, Trevor says, and so far £10,000 has been raised. The members set themselves the goal of raising around £3,000 for the next three years and then getting the job done.

Meanwhile, in addition to fundraising, they work hard to promote the club and try to attract new members. The club currently has about 20 members who pay an annual fee of £50.

Trevor hopes the Pickleball and Pimms event will encourage people to come and try a new activity. Pickleball is played with different bats and balls, on a smaller sized court, and is said to be a combination of badminton, tennis and table tennis.

Pickleball – said to be a combination of tennis, badminton and table tennis

Trevor said: “Pickleball is very popular in America. We are planning to hold this event and if there is enough interest we can organize a regular session for people to play Pickleball at the club.

“It could help raise the profile of the club and let people know that there are other games you can play on a tennis court.”

The idea of ​​redecorating the club chairs was also a way to raise awareness, admits Trevor.

He said: “We had the chairs in the clubhouse and we had the idea of ​​asking people to volunteer to look after them and repaint them. So they were ‘placed’ in our” host presidents! “”

“It captured the imagination of the village and we’ve had five so far, all different. It’s a talking point, especially when visitors come to play with us.”

For more information about the club visit: terringtontennis.co.uk

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