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Looking for a tennis game to play on PS5? There aren’t too many, but we’ve rounded up the best of them.

In fact, when it comes to tennis games on PS5, there’s only a it’s actually made for PS5. This is Tennis World Tour 2: Complete Edition, and you can find more information about it below. There’s a new one coming soon, which we have high hopes for – Match point: tennis championships. But until then, there are thankfully a selection of PS4 tennis games available to play on PS5 thanks to backwards compatibility.

The games on this list are a mixed bunch, ranging from ultra arcade to serious sims. So no matter what type of tennis game you like, I hope you find something that suits you. Read on to see the best tennis games you can play right now on PS5.

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1. Tennis World Tour 2: Complete Edition

Tennis World Tour 2 2

Tennis World Tour 2: Complete Edition is the only game on this list to have a native PS5 version. That means it hits the highest resolutions and should run and look better than any other game here. It’s also perhaps the best of all tennis games on the PS5, thanks to its emphasis on realistic action, a host of different game modes, and the inclusion of real tennis players. If you literally want to put yourself in Andy Murray’s shoes, this is the place to do it.

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2.AO Tennis 2

As Tennis World Tour 2, AO Tennis 2 cares about realistic graphics and sim-like gameplay. You might think of it as some kind of competitor – until you realize both games have the same developer and publisher (Big Ant Studios and Nacon, respectively). It’s a weird case, but we’ll take it. The unique selling point of AO Tennis 2 is that it is a community game. In it, you will create your own players and compete against other real players to climb the ranks. So it’s one of the best realistic tennis games on PS5, but without too much competition, that’s not too much of a distinction.

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3. Super Tennis Blast

He might look cute and easygoing thanks to his adorable cartoonish art style, but that’s only there to lure you into a false sense of security. It’s true, despite its visuals, Super Tennis Blast is a serious, challenging tennis game that requires players to show real tennis skills. There’s a realistic scoring system here (30-Love!) and its AI opponents are ready to kick ass.

Our favorite thing about Super Tennis Blast, however, is the ability to play locally with up to three friends through local doubles matches. And its control system allows for all sorts of fancy moves. Cute but hardcore, Super Tennis Blast is one of the best tennis games on PS5.

4. Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games – The Official Video Game

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games - The Official Tennis Video Game

Based on the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, this one isn’t just about tennis. In fact, tennis is just one of 30 sports you can play Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games – The Official Video Game. But while that’s not the only focus of the game, it’s actually a great place to play tennis. It’s simple to pick up and play, and controls very well if a bit basic. There’s a realistic scoring system, and you can even dress up your avatar in a bunch of silly costumes. Take a look at this cowboy playing tennis above. What more could you want from one of the best tennis games on PS5?

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5. Table tennis

Table tennis

Forget the open field: how about a game of table tennis instead. Table tennis from Sabec Limited does exactly what it says on the box, and we’re including it in our list of the best tennis games on PS5 simply because it’s so cheap. It’s often on sale and at full price, costing just £8. You can play against your friends and family locally or try to beat the game’s three AI levels. Sure, it’s simple, but table tennis is Easy. And sometimes the simplest things are the best.

6. Bonus Best Tennis Game on PS5: Tennis in the Face

Tennis in the face (1)

Tennis in the face is not a tennis game at all. But it has the word “tennis” in it, and your character – Pete Pagassi – is clearly a tennis pro. So we still include it in our list of the best tennis games on PS5. Why? Because it’s great fun, that’s why. You may not be playing on a court and you may not be tasked with winning an opponent, but here you will be hitting tennis balls to destroy targets. It’s simple, arcade-style fun, and worth having a go.

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