The Danube Sports Festival 2022 has rewritten the rules for employee engagement and well-being

Nothing like a unifying sporting event. Sport is perhaps the most powerful and effective connective tissue between employees“, Shubhojit Mahalanobis, Director, Danube Home Retail & Danube Hospitality Solutionsremarked on the incredibly uplifting and pleasantly comforting eve of the Danube Sports Festival 2022.

Danube Sports Festival 2022

Sport brings people together, transcends nationalities and cultural barriers, builds the spirit of unity, engenders positivity and creates a healthy competitive environment between teams of people from different backgrounds. Sport makes you a better team player; you learn cooperation, gain confidence, and become a better person overall. That was the goal behind the Danube Sports Festival 2022, full of action and adrenaline. It’s not just a one-time event. Danube will organize this mega sports event every year to promote a healthy lifestyle, build team spirit and self-confidence among employees.

Speaking on occasion, the Director General of Danube, Adel Sajanstated that, “Through sport, Danube intends to foster and reinforce a culture of happiness and high performance, cultivate positivity, promote employee well-being, and engender an ethic of shared leadership, because that is what Danube stands for..

The recently concluded Danube Sports Festival 2022, which lasted six days, was the epitome of employee diversity and inclusiveness. It was organized on a large scale like never before, bringing together more than 1500 participants representing more than 21 nationalities from the Danube Showrooms (Building Materials, Retail and Hospitality), Danube Properties, Fleet Department , HR, Warehouse, Finance and many others who competed in 5 sports disciplines namely Badminton, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Football and Cricket. The Danube Sports Festival 2022 broke many records and produced more than 300 trophies and medals, some of which were for spouses and family members of employees. The level of enthusiasm shown by employees was unprecedented and the games were played with professional zeal. On top of that, technology and digital platforms were fully utilized to keep everyone informed and encourage employee engagement with games.

The purpose of this mega sporting event was to motivate and engage employees in friendly competition, encourage healthier lifestyles through sport, build confidence and self-esteem, and promote hard work. team by providing a conducive environment in which people from different backgrounds can come together to achieve a goal. shared goal.

The event proved to be a remarkable success in promoting employee well-being, team spirit, camaraderie, engagement and pride from all possible points of view. Moreover, the way this sporting event was organized showed that Danube is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of its very diverse workforce.

In a concerted effort to promote women’s participation in sports, the 2022 Danube Sports Festival boasted of hosting all women’s cricket tournaments, women’s doubles badminton and mixed doubles competitions in badminton and tennis. of table.

The enthusiastic participation of women in the various sports competitions was a sure sign of their growing self-confidence, the values ​​that Danube so actively promotes.

Danube Sports Festival 2022 has also invited friends, family members and children of their staff to massively participate in this amazing sporting event filled with action and fun.

A wide range of exciting activities were planned to take the fun and excitement to the next level: face painting, glitter tattoos, balloon folding, bouncy castle, bubble show and cotton candy.

The Danube Sports Festival 2022 is a brilliant chapter in a much bigger story of engagement and well-being. It’s a way of showing that Danube cares about its people and that the company is invested in looking after them in every way possible.

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