The mayor of the city lobbies for a sports complex at the public school in Sector 22: La Tribune India

Deepankar Sharda

Tribune press service

Chandigarh, July 12

The UT sports department reportedly said “no” to a proposal for the construction of a sports complex in a public school in sector 22-A, proposed by the mayor of the city and regional councilor Ravi Kant Sharma.

According to the authorities, the adjacent sectors already have a cricket stadium (sector 16), a football stadium (sector 17), two swimming pools, a table tennis hall, a yoga center. (sector 23) and a sports complex (sector 34) with badminton, swimming, judo and table tennis facilities.

However, Sharma said he took the matter up with the highest ranks and secured assurances that a sports complex would be built soon at the school in Sector 22-A.

“The proposal was rejected by UT’s sports department, citing that neighboring areas already have swimming pools and other facilities. Sector 22 has sufficient population and other facilities, in addition to the already existing ones, can be provided to the masses. I contacted the sports secretary again and asked him to build infrastructure because the public school in sector 22-A has enough space. He (the Sports Secretary) assured me to pursue the matter as soon as possible. I have been trying to get approval for this project for over a year now. Hope to see some light, ”said Sharma.

Sources claimed that the department said “no” to the project because there had already been many similar sports complexes in Chandigarh. The majority of newly built sports complexes in local public schools have the same facilities as swimming, badminton, multi-purpose hall and table tennis hall. However, there were a limited number of resources (coaches and staff) to run these centers professionally.

“The matter is still under discussion and it is entirely up to the competent authority to approve the construction of sports complexes. We had given our opinion according to the files available. The decision-making authority will take the final appeal. However, building sports infrastructure is not a waste of money. It will benefit people at all levels. Chandigarh has a rich history of promoting sport and its infrastructure, ”said Tejdeep Singh Saini, Director of Sports, UT.

Sports complexes for masses or gamers?

In the meantime, questions have been raised about the administration of UT, which is building the same type of infrastructure in various sectors. “The Administration should decide whether these sports complexes are intended for the general public or for professional athletes. If these are aimed at the general public, these should be turned into revenue centers and retired coaches should be appointed to take care of the day-to-day business or should be outsourced. In the case of athletes, professional coaches should be appointed in each center for better results. For example, the city now has more than 11 swimming pools, but it does not have a directly affiliated organization to push swimmers nationally or internationally, ”said a coach.

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