The royal family’s favorite games you can play during the Jubilee celebrations

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With many Jubilee celebrations planned, some people will be looking for activities they can participate in closer to home.

To help you celebrate the Jubilee in your own way, the team at SudokuCraze revealed the royal family’s favorite games.

From charades to table tennis, there’s bound to be an activity for everyone.

The Queen

It has been widely reported that Queen Elizabeth II is very fond of the “name game” in which players must write the names of famous people or figures on a post-it note to be placed on another player’s forehead. Said player must then attempt to guess the name on the post-it through a series of yes or no questions.

‘The Name Game’ is said to be an incredibly popular game with the royal family when the whole family gets together during the holidays.

In 2008, a Wired report also revealed that The Queen enjoyed bowling on Wii Sports after Kate gifted the console to William one Christmas. According to the report, The Queen tried tenpin bowling on Wii Sports and really enjoyed it.

Although the console is no longer produced by Nintendo, the latest model, the Nintendo Switch also offers many sports-based games.

William and Kate

During an interview with Radio Marsden, Prince William revealed that there are two popular board games in the Cambridge house – Monopoly and Risk. He revealed that these games are must-haves at Christmas, but they are games that “usually everyone is really upset about because they lose”.

Prince William also revealed that he and Kate and their children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis let the two games go on “for hours”.

Interestingly, the Queen ‘banned’ Monopoly in her presence, with Prince Andrew saying in an interview that arguments during the game were ‘getting too vicious’.

Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis

Prince William revealed in January 2022 during a trip to BAFTA headquarters that his children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis “really love the game, they are fascinated by it”.

Prince William also shared that Prince George in particular is a big fan of video games, so much so that he and Kate “try to regulate the game” and monitor the screen time allowed at Prince George.

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle is apparently very talented in Charades due to her acting skills. According to reports, ahead of Meghan Markle’s first Christmas as a royal, Prince Harry had to advise Meghan to “reduce” her skills at Charades so as not to upstage the Queen.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry has had a famous love for polo since he was young. The Duke, who stepped down from official royal life in 2020, is even set to play for the Los Padres polo team in a tournament running from June 3 to June 19, suggesting Prince Harry’s love for the polo will cause him to miss some Jubilee celebrations. .

Prince Harry’s fondness for polo stems from his father, Prince Charles, who started playing the sport at the age of fifteen until he was forced to retire in 2015.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall

While the royals all take part in different sports and games during their engagements, the Duchess of Cornwall is known to have tried her hand at table tennis and ping pong on numerous occasions.

During a visit to the Royal Air Force’s Halton Barracks, the Duchess was ready to play table tennis at a moment’s notice.

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