The United States leads the medal count; Brazil fighting for the top 15

The Americans dominated the medal count at the 1996, 2000, 2004, 2012 and 2016 Olympics, except in 2008, when host China finished first.

For Tokyo, the United States is expected to win more than ten gold medals in swimming and track and field, as well as at least five in gymnastics. The country has enjoyed great success in team sports, with the prospect of taking on five more. Lots of other avenues make it almost impossible for Americans not to close first.

China is expected to be second in the medal count, with gold medals unlikely to be lost because they are so favorable: eight in weightlifting, five in table tennis and another eight in diving. It is only in these three modalities that they already take a big step towards second place in the ranking.

The Russians, who will compete as the Russian Olympic Athletes (explained in the video below), are expected to finish third in the frame. With many favorites in wrestling and boxing, as well as gymnastics and artistic swimming, the country is unlikely to be threatened by Britain and Japan.

Besides, there should be a good fight between the British and the Japanese for fourth place. Great Britain, runner-up at the Rio Olympics, has since seen a cycle of ups and downs, with rowing and cycling struggling to renew themselves, and for this reason they must have had a small number of medals . Japan, host city and very successful of the new Olympic Games (baseball, softball and skateboard) should delight this fourth place. But the fight is good.

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