Three Rochester Table Tennis Club athletes clinch berths on United States National team

ROCHESTER, Minn. – Three Rochester Table Tennis Club athletes clinched berths on the United States National Team.

This means that all three players can compete internationally, representing the United States.

“My favorite part is probably going to a lot of tournaments because you meet a lot of different players all over the country and even around the world,” says Mandy Yu.

Two of the athletes are sisters, Mandy and Abigail Yu, and the other athlete is Isabella Luo.

“Very energetic. And I fight until I can get something,” Abigail said.

Competitors are training twice a day right now, five times a week.

They follow him from nine in the morning until noon and again at night for two hours.

Athletes not only focus on the strategy of the game, but they also do foot exercises.

Players will compete at the US National Table Tennis Championships this weekend in Las Vegas.

“I think as long as I’m doing my best and doing my best, then I’ll be successful,” Mandy says.

“Especially when I’m one of the first, I feel really proud,” says Abigail.

The team leaves for the tournament on Saturday.

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