TTFI will offer an equal price for the new table tennis season

The Committee of Administrators (CoA), which manages the affairs of the Table Tennis Federation of India (TTFI), said on Thursday that it would offer equal prize money to men and women in all national zonal tournaments, including the national championships in all age groups.

A statement from the CoA reads: “We hereby decide that male and female players will receive equal pay/awards/prize money as their male counterparts in all tournaments and competitions in the game of table tennis. .” ”This is an attempt by the Committee to ensure equal rights, equal pay, equal opportunity and equal recognition for our players. ”The winners of the singles events of the 2022 Senior National Championships secured Rs 2.75 lakh in the men’s section and Rs 1.80 lakh in the women’s competition, with the huge difference of almost Rs one lakh forcing the CoA to bring about a change. ”The Indian Table Tennis Federation Board of Trustees is deeply concerned about the discriminatory treatment of male and female players in the sport of table tennis in the context of awarding prize money and payments.

“During the recently concluded 83rd Senior National Table Tennis Championship in Shillong, the deep chasm and payout differential in the singles events came to the fore,” the CoA added in the statement.

”Sport, it is often said, is the mirror of society. The discrimination that prevails in society in terms of equal pay and rewards for men and women has persisted even in sport. But that doesn’t make it any less egregious. ”In fact, this is all the more true as the fundamental essence of all sport is fair play, fairness in action, equality of access and opportunity.” The CoA includes Chetan Mittal and SD Mudgil, with Gita Mittal as chairman. .

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