Unique achievements at the 2021 Olympics

For over a century, the Olympics have not only been the pinnacle of athletic achievement, but have also been the site of many stories and unparalleled grandeur.

Many athletes have cemented their legacy most concretely during the century at the Olympics. It has also been the repository of many great fairy tales of sportsmanship.

we’re going to shed light on such stories from the Tokyo Olympics that are second to none – performances and stories that are delightful in the history of the Olympics.

Ma Long keeps her supremacy

Mum Long has arguably been touted as the greatest table tennis player of all time. And he left absolutely no room for anyone to doubt it in Tokyo. He won the singles gold by beating compatriot Fa Zhendong, then helped his team win the men’s team gold to maintain China’s dominance in the event.

With this he became the first table tennis player to win five Olympic gold medals. He also becomes the only player to win back-to-back gold medals in men’s singles table tennis.

Katie Ledecky becomes the queen of the pool

She was one of the biggest names in Tokyo this year. Although she couldn’t live up to expectations, she won gold medals in the 800 and 1,500-meter freestyle. And that was enough to make history as she became the most gold medalist at the Olympics as a swimmer and second to legendary Jenny Thompson (eight gold medals) with seven gold medals alongside. her name.

The South Korea event

South Korea still enter the competition as a favorite. And no one can really dispute that ones they have won 27 of the 45 possible gold medals since 1972. As a result, South Korea is no longer really amazing.

However, there is something called cementing the legacy of greatness that the South Korean women’s archery team has made. They won the ninth consecutive gold medal in women’s archery, breaking the record for the most consecutive gold medals in all disciplines of the Olympic Games.

Goal machines

The Netherlands were only able to make it to the quarter-finals in women’s football. But their striker Vivianne Miedema has scored a gigantic number of 10 goals, the most ever recorded by a woman in a single Olympics.

On the other hand, Zambia’s Barbra Banda becomes the first footballer to score two hat tricks in a row after scoring three goals against the Netherlands and China.

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