Welcome to the Plains: Chris Williams

AUBURN, Alabama – A successful fall season has already passed and the men of Auburn golf are ready to put their countless hours of hard work to use, preparing for spring. After graduating from a large experienced senior class, the head coach Nick clinard ushered in a wave of new talent with four freshmen and a new assistant coach. As the fall semester progresses, we’ll take a closer look at the men who are leveling up and starting their careers in the Plains.

Making his debut as a coach at Auburn, Chris Williams was a four-time All-American at the University of Washington and was the top amateur in 2013 when he turned pro.

Q: What made you decide to pursue your coaching career at Auburn?
Williams: I follow college golf pretty closely. I knew Auburn had a long history of success and victories at the highest level, and I wanted to be a part of it. The atmosphere of all of Auburn’s sports, like football, is also pretty cool.

Q: What do you like the most about coaching?
Williams: I really enjoy being around a team and having that strong team camaraderie. I also really enjoy being with young people and helping them navigate life, school and golf.

Q: How is Auburn different from Idaho and the Pacific Northwest (PNW)?
Williams: Auburn is hot and humid and much less mountainous, but the people of Auburn are much more friendly and engaging than the people of PNW. Southern hospitality is real and I love the southern accents.

Q: What course did you take at university?
Williams: Public speaking and Native American studies. I met the woman in AIS and learned more about myself speaking in public than I ever thought possible. I hated public speaking before taking it, but I learned to love it through this course. It challenged me in a different way than I had been challenged for any other course.

Q: As a player, did you have any rituals or superstitions?
Williams: I always used an Idaho quarterback to mark my ball, and I marked it with the Idaho side up.

Q: Besides golf and training, what are your hobbies?
Williams: Peloton, College GameDay, NFL Countdown, Monday Night Football, Pac-12 After Dark, cooking and cannonballing in my pool.

Q: If you hadn’t chosen golf as a sport, what sport do you think you would have excelled at?
Williams: Table tennis. I have excellent hand-eye coordination and a stellar rear hand.

Q: What is your favorite professional sports team to watch?
Williams: Seattle Mariners. I love baseball, it’s the sport I grew up in as a kid, and it’s by far my favorite sport to watch live. There’s nothing quite like sitting in T-Mobile Park on a bright summer day watching them win or usually lose.

Q: What is your favorite course you’ve played on?
Williams: It sounds cliché, but my home class in Seattle was called Aldarra GC. I could play it everyday without ever getting bored or fed up.

Q: What’s an interesting fact about yourself that the Auburn family should know?
Williams: I once caught a fish with my bare hands. It’s a long story.

Q: If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Williams: Tacos. You get it all – meat, greens, tortillas and a lot of hot sauce, a biiig sauce guy.

Q: What’s your favorite movie of all time?
Williams: “Wedding Crashers” because it’s absolutely hilarious.

Q: If you could be on any TV show, which one would you choose?
Williams: “The wheel of fortune.” I watch it every night and have always loved crossword puzzles. Also, with WOF, I watch TV, hang out with Pat Sajak and earn money. Yes please!

Q: What advice would you give to young guys who want to play golf to the next level?
Williams: Be yourself and never forget where you are from. Work your butt because there is no substitute for hard work.

Q: How did you know Coach Clinard and what was your first reaction when he contacted you for the coaching position?
Williams: I had known Nick (Clinard) from my days in Washington. Auburn has always had good teams, even in my day. I was very excited about the phone call and the opportunity to be in a school and program like Auburn. I have a lot of respect for the hard work and passion Nick put into his program here, and I knew I could learn a lot by working with him.

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