Why former Ranger Dominic Moore has such a passion for table tennis and charity – the athletic

Athletes by nature are passionate people. Sometimes this passion becomes personal.

It happened with Dominic Moore, the longtime NHL player, two-time New York Ranger and the founder of Smashfest, an annual charity – and quite fun – table tennis event for hockey celebrities.

After an eight-year run in Toronto ended due to the pandemic last year, Smashfest returns and debuts in the United States on Thursday night, August 12, at Loading Dock in Stamford, Connecticut.

Passion? Well, Moore has plenty of reasons to get involved and invest.

The tournament benefits research into rare cancers and concussions. His first wife, Katie, died at the age of 31 from rare liver cancer, fibrolamellar, in January 2013, and Dominic established the Katie Moore Foundation in 2016. Dominic’s brother, Steve Moore, saw his career end after an attack from Todd. Bertuzzi in 2004 in which he suffered neck injuries and a concussion.

“Concussions are really about trying to raise money for the cause, but also to raise awareness,” said Dominic Moore. “It was a big part of it, and hockey players, if we didn’t experience it ourselves, we had teammates who did. Concussions are so poorly understood – there is so much room for improvement. So it was about trying to draw attention to that and get money for collaborative research on that front.

“Cancer research was added after I became familiar with it, and rare cancers in particular. … It’s such a different diagnosis from a common cancer. If you’re diagnosed with rare cancer these days, most of the time it’s guesswork. Often, patients go years without being diagnosed correctly.

“Then, once diagnosed, there are very few treatment options.

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