Women’s History Month celebrated with a series of award-winning photos

For the seventh year, the communications team shined a light on the women who work in our government in our award-winning Women’s History Month photo series. The goal is to show the community working behind the scenes to help our offices run day-to-day, while showing these women that they are important and vital to our operations.

From our first and only female mechanic and electrician, to our justice system, clerks, assistants, law enforcement, elected officials and many more – we could not function without the unique contributions that women bring to the table. This series of photos puts each of them in the spotlight for a moment or two, and gives them the opportunity to share what drives them, who inspires them and what it means to be a woman.

“When I first pitched the idea for this campaign, I just wanted to show the community the breadth and depth of humans putting their hearts into their work. While that matters to most of our employees despite their gender, a lot of these people are women,” says public relations specialist Rachel Gambill. “One result that I didn’t expect was to see a lot of these women light up and smile when they see a nice picture of themselves, and strangers commenting online about how grateful they are. It’s not just about government work – it’s about morale and the human spirit. I’m so proud of our #TeamMaconBibb!

To see the photo album and quotes on Facebook, click here. You can also search the hashtags #WomenofMaconBibb and #maconbibbherstory on Twitter and Instagram to see this year and posts from previous years.

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