Yash, champions of Mugdha; doubled for Shravani

Mumbai: Yash Dalvi and Mugdha Desai emerged as boys and girls Under-19 champions, while fiery Shravani Loke grabbed attention with a brace at the Powai Open junior boys and girls table tennis tournament held at the ‘EMMA Sports Academy by P3 Sports under Suburban (TSTTA-Mumbai), here recently.

Yash dominated Arnav Kshirsagar in a hotly contested Under-19 final. In fact, Arnav was in contention for the triple crown, but finished second in all finals.

While Mugdha, who was slated for a brace, beat Shravani for the Under-19 title, but in short, she lost to the same opponent. Shravani won the Under-15s.

All finalists

GIRLS: (U-11): 1. P Daga; 2.V Jaiswal; (U-13): 1. A Patra, 2. A Satarkar; (U-15): 1. S Loke, 2. S Malik. (U-17): 1. S Loke. 2. M Desai. (U-19): 1. M Desai, 2. S Loke. BOYS: (U-11): 1. Z Shaikh, 2. I Seth; (U-13): 1. V Rohan, 2. N Talwalkar; (U-15): 1. A Sonawane, 2. A Kshirsagar. (U-17): 1. Ayush Sonawane, 2. Arnav Kshirsagar; (U-19): 1. Yash Dalvi, 2. Arnav Kshirsagar.

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Posted on: Friday November 26th, 2021 11:26 PM IST

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